Antika Turkish Jewelry Collection

Inspired by Turkish artisans Located between the Black and Mediterranean Seas, where Europe meets Asia, Turkey—or as it was known thousands of years ago, as Constantinople—has long been a crossroads for civilization. As a result, the country is home to a vast array of peoples and cultures, many of which have given rise to inspiring forms of Turkish artisan jewelry, textiles, and art. Beksan Imports' Antika Turkish jewelry collection pays homage to these ancient artisans. Each ring, bracelet, necklace and pair of earrings contains one or several semi-precious stones set in 18- or 24-carat gold vermeil or silver, fashioned into unique shapes designed to allure and inspire. The Antika Collection is unique from a design sense in that it seamlessly blends old world character with modern glamor. The delicate settings appear to wrap naturally around each stone, creating unusual and eye-catching shapes. The multi-faceted cut is designed to enhance the natural beauty of each stone, resulting in varying colors and contours across similar styles since no two stones are exactly alike. This Antika collection of Turkish artisan jewelry includes turquoise, agate, quartz and many other exquisite stones thought to create positive change and to enrich the wearer’s life with good fortune and happiness. Available in a rainbow of colors, each one of these delicate pieces works equally well with casual daytime wear or elegant evening attire. Embrace the beauty of the past—in the present—with a piece from this special artisan jewelry collection.
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