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We are two sisters and jewelry designers who created Beksan Designs as a way to craft jewelry that reflects our Turkish heritage. Together we come up with unique designs and then work directly with local artisans to make them a reality. Through a combination of original creations and a curated collection of authentic accessories, we are committed to bringing customers beautiful, unique, one-of-a kind jewelry, scarves, and purses.


Our original jewelry designs and accessories are created from a variety of crystal cut and matte gemstones, eco-friendly metals and high quality textiles.  Jewelry settings include 24kt gold or gold vermeil, sterling silver, brass, zinc, and leather. Each of our jewelry and accessory collections have special meaning, and we strive to design fashionable, sustainable, pieces that  make women look and feel beautiful.

“Beksan” is the surname of our Turkish grandfather, who came from a small village in the middle of Turkey and who, against all odds, became a prominent physician in Istanbul. We selected the name Beksan Designs as a way to pay tribute to our mother and to honor our grandfather.


It is also the realization of a dream for both of us: to create a company that combines our distinctive talents. Meyla, with her keen eye for fashion and experience in jewelry design is the creative force while Nevra, with her extensive background in marketing brings her business expertise. Together, we have created exclusive collections that share the magic and beauty of Turkey with you.


Through Beksan Designs, join us for a journey through the cobbled streets of Istanbul’s grand bazaar, where you can discover many delightful treasures. Shop for exquisite jewelry, luxurious cotton, silk, and pashmina hand-crafted scarves, purses, and other fun and unique accessories.

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