"Giving Back" is one of our core values. We have donated a portion of our sales or profits at local events with non-profits or educational institutions and want to do MORE! Our handcrafted jewelry and accessories are a strong draw.  We are available to be part of any type of fundraiser, such as Mom's Night Out, Holiday Boutiques, Mother & Daughter Tea etc.. and will donate a percentage of sales to your cause.  Please contact to be part of your fundraising event or to make a donation to benefit your community.

Our Promise

Products Represent Heritage and Joy

Inspired by our American-Turkish heritage, each piece is laden with stories of rich history, female empowerment, and symbolism.

Sustainable Metals & Natural Gemstones

We love our planet and only use high-quality, natural materials, and sustainable metals.

Giving Back to Our Community

A portion of proceeds gives back to organizations in support of health, education, and overall wellness.