"Diane absolutely loves the hammered gold bangle I gave her…wears it all the time and she has such tiny wrists it is hard to find bracelets that don’t slide right off her.
Jem loves the bracelet I gave her for her birthday too.
So I thought I would get my birthday gal friend the aquamarine necklace since it is the March birthstone.
Your jewelry is beautiful and the quality and craftsmanship dependable." 
"She loved her Christmas present!"
"Headed out for the day. Feeling good in my new Beksan pieces. Earrings and chain link necklace. I am trying the layered necklace look for the first time. It always looks so good on other people. I also have my stacking rings on. @⁨Meyla Ruwin⁩ your jewelry makes me feel good!"
"Thank you for the update and the shipping info! I can’t wait to receive the new pieces!! I’m sure I’m going to love them as I have everything else I have purchased from you. Thank you again for all of your help and kindness."
"Lovely and creative jewelry! Thank you!" 

"I received your beautiful jewelry (so fast) today in the mail! I think you make the most gorgeous items, and I LOVE them SO much. I am wearing the earrings now since I had to remove the necklace to weed in the garden (healthy move).  These items are special to me for so many reasons, as you know" Lisa 

"I purchased this bracelet from you back in 2015 or 2016 when you had a booth at the Chowder Cook-Off at Fisherman’s Wharf, and I’ve worn it almost every single day since then. I love it SO much. I’m buying this one as a back-up so I’ll always have one in case I ever misplace the original. Thank you!" Kendall
"I just wanted to tell you how I found out about your company....I picked up a copy of Delicious Living at Clark’s Healthfood store in Palm Desert, Ca. yesterday and there was an Eco-friendly section which included these Tree of Life Earrings. I will spend more time on your website as it looks like you have beautiful jewelry!" Janice (new Canadian customer)

"Your jewelry is just beautiful and ladies are still talking about it!! Thank you so much for supporting our organization.  I hope you'll consider joining us again."  Mary Rhoades ~ The Epiphany Center, San Francisco

“I love my ring! I spotted it at the first Beksan Designs trunk show that I attended, and knew immediately that I had to have it. Every time I wear it people admire and comment on it. It is a unique and special piece, and it fits my personality perfectly.” ~Kate 

“I was fortunate enough to have seen the Beksan Designs collections when they first launched their business. Since then I have become somewhat of a collector. All of their products are unique and of very high quality. The hardest part for me is always deciding which pieces to buy, because I want one of everything!” ~Pegge



“I had the pleasure of hosting a Beksan Designs trunk show. Meyla and Nevra were kind enough to share their background with my friends and family. Their story, the fulfillment of their childhood dreams, and the way they bring their heritage into their designs is almost magical. The quality of their work, and the beauty of their pieces made me proud to host them.” ~Leslie










"It was love at first sight with my new black onyx and marcasite ring. I put it on the moment I saw it and that was it. The ring is a statement piece that people notice everywhere I go. I especially love that I can wear the ring with a more dressed up look, or a casual weekend look. I have since bought other pieces from Beksan but this ring remains my first love!” ~Lisha

“I always get compliments when I wear my Beksan earrings! They have quickly become my favorite pair to wear.” ~Yahmai

“My husband surprised me with a lovely bracelet from Beksan Designs. I can’t bear the thought of wearing something typical, something anonymous. My bracelet is unique, the design truly unexpected, and I am ecstatic.” ~Kris

“The earrings are absolutely beautiful, magical. I’m thrilled to have discovered Beksan Designs. I can already tell that I’m going to be back for more!”~Susy

“From a customer who bought her daughter a sapphire necklace for her birthday: “Genna love’s her necklace!! Thanks so much!!”~Wendy 

“Hosting a trunk show is such a fun experience. It is an easy way to invite your friends over to your house for an evening of unique shopping and a few cocktails. Everyone who attended told me that they really enjoyed the experience, having the chance to shop for themselves and for gifts for others while relaxing over a drink and a few snacks with their friends. People were happy to pop in for 45 minutes, or to stay for a couple of hours. Overall, I found the experience very relaxing both for me as the hostess and for the people that I invited. The team at Beksan Designs made the organizing very easy, and the event itself great fun."  ~Kate

"It is always so great to have you here...The energy that you bring into the club is just wonderful. :-)  Also, we have several members wondering when you're coming back - you are a great hit! Thank you again!!!" ~Alex, Shop Lead, The Bay Club Compan