Beksan Imports--Truly a Family Business

Creating a family business is very special and the realization of our life long dream.  But what is truly gratifying is seeing our Turkish mother's eyes light up knowing we named our company after her father.  Beksan was his surname.  She is thrilled that our originally designed jewelry and the Turkish accessories we offer have been so well received and that we are sharing her heritage with our customers.  But she is most happy when she hears the name of our company Beksan Imports, it makes her smile every time we talk about it!  With Beksan Imports being barely one year old, she says, “it’s amazing that you have made this come alive and that people enjoy a variety of merchandise from Turkey!” Our mother, who is aging quickly before our eyes, still gets joy out of seeing a beautiful piece of jewelry!  She loves the silver jewelry, Antika earrings, sapphire pendants, and black onyx and marcasite rings we wear or a stacking mixed metal and diamond ring we had specially made.  She sees the pieces and says how beautiful they are.  That is a true compliment from her because she can be pretty picky.  Through-out this initial phase of Beksan Imports, our mother has been extremely supportive, despite having some serious health issues.  We are lucky that she could understand and share the joy and excitement we're experiencing in creating this new business. Sharing Turkey with family continued this past summer as Nevra traveled to Turkey with her husband and grown children.  First of all, she wanted to work with our manufacturers to create more styles for Beksan Imports.  We planned ahead and sent designs, so that we could have new designer jewelry to offer our customers. She also spent significant time hand-selecting special cotton, pashmina, and silk scarves that feel as wonderful as they look. Creating a legacy that reflects ones heritage while sharing the beauty and magic of Turkey is what Beksan Imports is all about.

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