Birthstone Ring Collection

A modern take on an ancient tradition Exclusively designed and manufactured in Turkey, these birthstone rings artfully combine mixed metals with an authentic birthstone gem. The base of each cuff-like ring is made of oxidized sterling silver. In the center of the ring sits each month’s brilliant birthstone, framed by a 24-carat gold engraved band and flanked on either side by a small diamond. The cuff-like shape can be adjusted to fit most standard ring sizes 6 – 8. The desire to own sacred or symbolic objects harkens back to ancient times. In fact, the origin of birthstones is thought to date back to the Biblical “Breastplate of Aaron,” which contained twelve gemstones symbolizing the twelve tribes of Israel. Over time, birthstones also came to represent the twelve months of the year. Today, many myths and legends exist about the healing powers of birthstones and their therapeutic properties. In Turkey, it is believed that wearing a birthstone during its assigned month enhances its healing powers. Startling in its simplicity, each cuff-like ring combines mixed metals with brilliant gemstones believed to provide healing and restorative powers to the wearer.  Beksan Imports' birthstone rings are distinctly beautiful in their ability to both enhance one's look and well-being.
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