Jewelry Trends for Valentine's Day Shopping!

Shop Beksan Designs for Valentine's Day!  Check out these jewelry trends for 2013 and our website promotions.  Remember you will get 15% off your first online purchase!  Here's what's trending now.... 1) Color and Semi-Precious Stones; We have a variety of semi-precious stones crafted into settings in eye-catching and unique ways. Bright, bold colors are the rage everywhere, from colorful jeans, bright colored jackets, and bright bold jewelry! Our artisan inspired Antika jewelry collection delivers on this important jewelry and fashion trend. What makes our Turkish jewelry unique is that it is set in 24K vermeil, whereas similar jewelry manufactured in the U.S. is set in 14K or 18K vermeil. 24K vermeil is more vibrant and complements these bolder color trends. We will continue to design beautiful pieces that incorporate a wide variety of colorful semi-precious stones to help you create a bright look for 2013. 2) Cuffs and Stacked Bangles; the bold look continues in sterling silver where chunkier cuff bracelets and stacking multiple silver bangles will continue to be popular. It appears this is a revival of what was fashionable in the Turkish Ottoman period and we have tapped onto this trend in our Turkish Silver collection. The unique designs of our cuff bracelets and bangles gives each customer a way to create their own fashion statement. 3) Chandelier Earrings; this design has been revived and will be all the rage in 2013. What enhances a woman's beauty more than a gorgeous pair of chandelier earrings? They complement any outfit, both day or night, as they come close to gracing ones' shoulders. Our black onyx and marcasite silver earrings fit the bill and we will be designing more of these for 2013. 4) Cocktail rings; Another extension on "bold" in our collection is the cocktail ring, which has had its resurgence along with cocktail parties! These rings are created as one-of-a kind pieces which are eye-catching and appreciated for their unique beauty. The cocktail rings in our black onyx collection are all individually designed and we will continue to create new pieces that reflect what a cocktail ring is truly about. Happy Valentine's Day!! And, if you haven't already done so, please "like" us on Facebook!  

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