Kilim Shoulder Bags

There is a rich history behind the making of these kilim shoulder bags. The art of kilim weaving originated among the tribal people in ancient Turkey. The word kilim does not refer to a specific item, but rather to the way the item is made. It is a specialized weaving technique in which the weaver interlaces the warp (the vertical fibers) and weft (the horizontal fibers) on a loom to produce a flat woven fabric. Originally a utilitarian craft used to turn raw wool into cloth for clothing, rugs, and other household goods, generations of artisans transformed kilim weaving into an art form, incorporating the tribe’s common history and the personal talents of each weaver. At Beksan Imports, we offer a variety of intricately patterned Turkish kilim shoulder bags. In fact, no two are alike due to the traditional hand-weaving process. Unusual patterns and brilliant colors combine to create a stylish, functional accessory—measuring 10 inches by 7½ inches, these shoulder bags are large enough to carry your essentials, yet small enough to use on the go. The front of the bag is made with an eye-catching kilim weave, which is best shown off by draping it over your shoulder. The backside and shoulder strap are made of soft black cotton. A clip closes the purse and keeps contents safely stored. These sophisticated Turkish kilim shoulder bags are both fashionable and unique.
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