Layered Jewelry- Chains and More Chains

The look for fall is layered jewelry, so let one chain lead to another and another! Layering can occur with necklaces and bracelets and the idea is beautiful and fashionable, yet not overdone. Wrap, stack or layer these pretty metal marvels as much as you desire. Some cool layering pieces will vary in length, texture and will have a mixture of different size chains and gemstones. Since all the chains vary, there is also a difference in texture throughout each layer.  You can make a statement by mixing several chain necklaces to create a bold piece of jewelry.  Here are 5 Guidelines to create this eye-catching look:   Layer them! A mix of necklaces in varied lengths, shapes with diverse gems can look festive. Stop at a few strands. You don't want to look weighed down or like your trying too hard to make a statement. A wide choker or interesting design demands attention and should be the only necklace you wear to make a statement. Forgo other distracting jewelry when wearing a true statement piece. A simple pair of matching earrings would complement your look. An open shirt or dress neckline highlights any bold necklace or the layering accent you may be going for. A draping necklace is lovely with a long top, sweater or dress.  A long strand can be doubled or tripled to create a layered look. Choose a shorter strand with shorter hemlines. Think about the vibe you are going for. Add colorful beads for a boho feel, silver chains for a touch of hipness, or pearls for a gentle and more pulled together look. Adapted from Tips on what type of necklaces to look for when layering them: Necklaces that are ideal for layering consist of a light & fine chain, with or without a single pendant, charms or beads. Try to avoid large, chunky charms or beads if there are several of them on the strand, also avoid thick, heavy chains when layering necklaces. Generally layered necklaces should harmonize and blend with one another. Check out our sterling silver chains at It's usually best to reserve layering necklaces for an outfit that is simple. Wearing a lot of jewelry with patterned clothing or clothing that has a lot of lace, beads or sequins, might e too much!  Tips adapted from We liked this quote and thought you might as well: "Wisdom comes when we hold the possibility that there might be a better way to approach life. It comes when we know our own worth enough to not see everything as a reaction to us."  -       Shasta Nelson. Author "Friendships Just Don't Happen"

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