Mid Finger Rings, A Growing Trend

How fun is that--wearing delicate rings in a new place, directly above the knuckle!  According to Elle magazine, this is a fashion trend that began during the summer and is continuing into the fall.  Thin bands and other artistic designs are crafted in various metals to create these attention-getting mid-finger rings. We thought you might be interested in knowing what a guy thought about the Mid Finger Ring trend…. “While hanging out with my friend Meg this past weekend, I noticed these sweeeet rings on her hands. Super cool!  Honestly, as a dude, I rarely notice rings on women's fingers, so the fact that these caught my attention means a whole lot. I like them because they're different from your usual jewelry. I'm all about variety, not what everyone else is doing—and mid-finger rings stand out. When I see one, it sets off something in my brain like, "Whoa, how cool! Kinda edgy, it doesn't fall off? So interesting…" Here is the link to this male perspective in a Lucky Magazine article… http://www.luckymag.com/blogs/luckyrightnow/2013/02/a-dude-s-perspective-mid-finger-rings Another tidbit we learned from the article was how these mid-finger rings can make your nails stand out more. Since these rings are worn at a higher point of the finger, when they grab someone’s attention, they are likely to notice your manicured nails too!  To wear this trend well, we suggest enhancing your nails with a fashionable nail color.  It’s always fun to try something new that seems to appeal to guys too! At Beksan Designs, we offer some delicate rings that would be perfect for this trend!   Our sterling silver single stacking rings and puzzle rings as well as our small single stone adjustable rings set in 24kt gold vermeil can all be worn as mid-finger rings! Check them out at www.beksandesigns.com!  Hope you have a great week!  

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