Pastels and Blue, The "Must Have" Spring Colors

It is Spring and what comes to mind? For us it is blue skies, flowers and longer days! We love the outdoors, bike riding, walking and just seeing the blue ocean from LA to San Francisco! Recently we noticed that in the fashion world different shades of blue are appearing in magazines, in ads and in many photos! At Beksan Designs we have noticed that Aquamarine, Fluorite and Lapis gemstones are high in demand, those set in 24K gold vermeil, sterling silver, or brass. So we started thinking about some of the reasons this may be happening! What we have learned about the gemstones: • Aquamarine gemstones are coveted by women all over the world because of the stones beautiful blue color. In ancient times, it was believed that just the color of the stone enhanced feelings of trust, harmony and friendship. This stone is supposed to guarantee a happy marriage and make its owner happy and rich. • Fluorite: This mineral is known for its wide range of colors – from blue, purple, green yellow and its’ glassy luster. Fluorite is known to be the most powerful healing stone, especially for strengthening bone tissue. It is also known for bringing peace and calm to a troubled mind. • Lapis: This gemstone is named after “lapis”, the Latin word for stone and the Arabic word for blue. In ancient times Egyptian and Persian royalty wore lapis as an amulet to deter danger. What we are seeing related to the color blue and fashion trends:. • Blue complements many outfits and skin tones. • Blue scarves can provide a color spark to the currently very hip white shirt. • Aquamarines, Fluorite and Lapis are extremely popular earring colors in jewelry stores today, per the Store Manager at Gallery of Jewels on Fillmore Street where Beksan Designs is now a part of! So whether it is a pair of earrings, necklace, bracelet, or ring in a shade of blue, or a cotton, silk, or pashmina scarf, visit to find the "blue" that is right for you!

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