Style Tips On How to Stack Bracelets

Best Ways to Stack Bracelets

Isn’t it fun to stack bracelets?  It’s THE trend this season and some of you have asked what’s the right way to stack bracelets.  At the events we have been doing recently, many of our customers want to know which bracelets look best together! 

There are NO RULES on how to stack bracelets, but here are some ideas we hope are helpful!

It is important to identify which bracelet color(s) and style(s) you want to stack together based on your primary wardrobe colors.  For example, if you wear a lot of black you may want to complement your outfit with silver or gold fill beaded bracelets and something shiny, (think clear crystals).  Our crystal bracelets are so versatile, neutral, yet add sparkle to any outfit! 

Create a Bead Bracelet Stack


Create a Crystal Bracelet Stack

There are many different types of bracelets as well, such as: cuffs, bangles, leather bracelets, stretchable bracelets, or dainty gemstone bracelets (sapphire, garnet, moonstone etc…). You can mix and match them in a variety of ways to create your own style. 

 Stack Gemstone Bracelets for a Bold Look


Go Subtle with a Delicate Gemstone Bracelet Stack

Combining a watch and bracelet is another way to stack jewelry. This customer pairs a watch with leather bracelets. It looks fashionable and classy.  The inner artist in you can help discover the watch/bracelet combination that works best for you.

Pair and Stack Statement Bracelets with Your Favorite Watch 

Stacking bangles can create a distinctive look. Our Beksan Designs’ silver and gold vermeil hammer bangles stack well together and look great on everyone (makes a great gift too)! 

Add Silver & Gold Bangles to Your Stack 



Stacking bracelets is SO fashionable and will reflect your unique style. Find the bracelet combo that would make you or a loved one smile at or try them on at an upcoming event.   

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