Trunk Shows with Beksan Imports

“Trunk shows” in English, “Taki Parties” in Turkish, what a fun venue to present our wares!   We had our first Trunk Show in San Francisco in October 2011 and had no idea what to expect. As we were setting up we were wondering the typical things when you host an event—will people have a good time?  Will they like our products? And will there be enough refreshments?!

Our first Trunk Show started at 5:30 p.m. and by 6:30 the room was full of women (and some men) trying on jewelry and scarves, admiring themselves in the mirror, asking questions and talking amongst themselves. My sister and I loved being the “Taki Party” hosts and hearing the buzz.  We would share the information and stories around our collections, describing the meaning behind various semi-precious stones and demonstrating the different ways of tying a scarf.  As the evening wore on, we loved seeing others wearing products that are “a bit of Turkey”!  What was also fun was seeing everyone interact, exchange ideas and learn about Turkish culture and designs.

This first trunk show went so well we quickly decided to schedule several additional Trunk Shows in the fall, one in the LA Area the other two in the San Francisco Bay Area.  People told us it was a great way for them to do their holiday shopping!  The majority of our products are “one of a kind” designs so whether they were buying something for themselves or as a gift, they liked the uniqueness of our products.

Since then, several of our strongest supporters have offered to host trunk shows for us.  This is a tremendous compliment and a great help.  We’ve developed a system on how to make trunk shows at other venues go smoothly, and are excited to have them in different places.

We are grateful to our supporters and are excited see our Beksan Imports community grow!

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