“Wearable Art” is Trending

One of our favorite things to do in Spring is put away basic black clothing and play with color! It is one of the ways we celebrate Spring.  Trending this season, is art inspired and tribal colored clothing and accessories.  This makes getting dressed in the morning so much more fun! “Wearable art” clothing was very popular in the 1990’s and is making a resurgence this Spring and Summer.  Whether a skirt, top, jacket, or handbag, the patterns from these one-of-a-kind art inspired clothing and accessories add uniqueness to our look that many of us yearn for. At Beksan Designs, we offer a variety of—“wearable art” pieces.  Whether it is a fabric handbag, kilim cross-body bag or uniquely designed scarf, each one is artistically distinctive.  They add color as well as making a fashion statement.  Many of our jewelry pieces are also “wearable art”, particularly the semi-precious stones set in 24kt gold vermeil.  Each is hand-crafted and instantly adds Spring color to one’s wardrobe. Other ideas to add color and “wearable art” to your look this season:
  •  A great pair of earrings in a vibrant color will add sparkle to any look.  Pick colors that compliment your skin tone.  Wear a hand-crafted piece that reflects your sense of art and creativity.
  • A statement necklace and/or bracelet will make you feel bold and beautiful! Select one that not only brightens up your outfit, but makes a statement about who you are!
  • Colorful patterned scarves will enhance the look of your little black dress or top and create a look that is distinctly yours.  Choose one that has an artistic flair and tie it in a variety of creative ways.
  • Consider a colorful handbag.  Step outside the box of black and try an orange, blue, or yellow handbag.  Patterned handbags similar to our fabric and kilim bags also add color and are part of the “wearable art” trend. Any one of these may be just the answer for you!
Whatever you do, have fun with the “wearable art” trend!  Search for that special piece of clothing, jewelry or other accessory that excites you and fulfills the inner artist within you.  We hope you enjoy the adventure…..    

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