Woven Fabric Handbags

The attention to detail and quality of the fabric makes these intricately designed woven purses extremely special. How Turkish fabrics are woven, the choice of materials and use of colorful designs dates back to the time of the sultans. The geographical situation of Ottoman territory made it a natural trade route for merchants plying between the East and West, and from the very earliest times Bursa has been a lively center of trade and commerce. From 1326-1365, when Bursa, a city in northwestern Turkey, was the first capital of the Ottoman Empire, the city was the main center for the production of kaftans, pillows, embroidery and other silk products created for the Ottoman Palaces.  The demand by members of the Ottoman court for luxury fabrics was an influential factor in the increase in production and rise in quality.

The production of high quality fabrics continues in Bursa today and at Beksan Imports we are proud to offer a line of Turkish ethnic purses that combine the designs of the past with the practicality of present.  These messenger style fabric handbags are manufactured from the highest quality cotton.  The intricately woven designs are a work of artistry.  Each handbag is fully lined and has a solid zipper.  Inside the handbag is another zippered compartment to carry smaller belongings.

The larger size of this particular Turkish fabric handbag adds to its versatility. You can easily use it as an everyday purse or pack it for travel. The interior is roomy enough to hold everyday items—wallets, keys, makeup, etc.—but also has plenty of space for a book or tablet. Although practical, the colorful intricately designed patterns of these Turkish fabric purses create a fun, fashionable look that is especially stylish.


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