Tranquil Personality

The results are in! 

Based on your responses YOU are a Tranquil personality.  

You are easy-going, like to have deep and sincere relationships with others.  

Loyal, generous, honest and wise, you have a low-key approach to work and home life.  

You appreciate dependable people, open and honest communication and read testimonials and reviews when you’re deciding where to stay or what you want to purchase.  

Anne Hathaway’s ease in life and style depict you perfectly. 

When it comes to your jewelry, you like to know the meaning of the gemstones you are wearing as well as fun ways to combine jewelry and different looks/styles. 

Are you ready to find the gemstones for your Tranquil personality?

Drum roll please…. 

Your personality gemstones are blue lapis, garnet, moonstone, red agate, rose quartz, and sapphire. 

Ready to discover more about different gemstones that can energize and improve your life? 

Here you go:

Just like people are drawn to you, blue lapis, named after “lapis”—the Latin word for stone and the Arabic word for blue— is one of the most desired stones. 

In ancient times Egyptian and Persian royalty wore lapis as an amulet to deter danger. 

Blue Lapis is a stone of protection and is thought to release stress. 

It brings harmony and deep inner self-knowledge.  

Lapis is known to boost the immune system, purifies blood, lowers blood pressure, cooling and soothing areas of inflammation.  


This stone represents prosperity, abundance, gratitude and service to others (sounds a bit like you, eh?!)

Garnet is a deeply spiritual stone. An energizing stone, garnet is often worn as a talisman for good luck. 

In addition to bringing vitality, high energy, and protection, garnet also helps build self-confidence and clarify one's life purpose.


Since you’re someone who’s always looking to better yourself, Moonstone is perfect for you because it promotes inner growth and strength. 

Moonstone also soothes emotional instability and stress, and stabilizes the emotions, providing calmness (which sometimes you need because you’re always doing for others.)

Moonstone enhances intuition, promotes inspiration, success and good fortune in love and business matters. 

It’s also extremely beneficial for travelers who want to have a safe journey without any losses or accidents.  

This iridescent gemstone is thought to inspire intuition and psychic abilities.

Sometimes life can feel heavy for you, so this unique crystal that dissipates negative energies from your body and spirit is a perfect match. 

Red agate helps to cleanse the bad vibrations to make you feel better. It eradicates negativity and pessimism too. 

These red stones are particularly useful during events in your life that can unhinge you (um, can you say 2020?!)

When that happens, the protective energies of the stone are stabilizing. 

 A perfect stone for someone like you that leads a busy and sometimes chaotic life.   

The pure stone of love…for oneself, one’s partner, children, family and friends. 

Because your relationships mean so much to you, Rose Quartz can help you restore trust and harmony in relationships, encouraging unconditional love.  

Love can assist you in feeling cared for and feel in harmony with the world around them.  

Wearing rose quartz can attract love and an open heart to the person wearing the gemstone. 


Protection, good fortune and spiritual insight is granted to those who wear Sapphire. It’s a symbol of power and strength—but also of kindness and wise judgment. 

Interestingly, in an engagement ring, a sapphire signifies faithfulness and sincerity as well (hmmm, maybe Sapphires will be the new diamonds?!)


Ok, which gemstone do you think you need to energize and improve your life? Blue lapis, garnet, moonstone, red agate, rose quartz, and sapphire.   

Want to know another thing we love about these gemstones? 

You can choose a stone that intuitively attracts what you’re trying to invite into your life while pairing it with your unique style and wardrobe. 

For example, if you want to bring wealth to your life, how about a pair of jade earrings?  

Want more love? Try this rose quartz hook & eye bracelet: 

If you are searching for protection and the perfect complement to a black sweater, try this mother of pearl pendant necklace (which can be stacked or a worn as a standalone piece): 


Think about which stones you are drawn to and figure out how you can wear them to enhance your look and bring meaning to YOUR personality. 

Now, you might be wondering who’s dishing out all this gemstone advice?


We’re Meyla and Nevra, sisters, jewelry designers and entrepreneurs.


When we were young girls, our grandmother would wake us up early, cook us X for breakfast, and then we’d head off for the day to tour Turkish museums and palaces. 

Our favorite was Topkapi Palace. As girls we would slowly wander through the palace, mesmerized by large dark blue stones and mounds of gorgeous jewels. (You can say our fascination with jewelry started there)

Later in life, we wanted to create a stylish, sustainably sourced, high quality and affordable jewelry and accessory business that reflected our American-Turkish heritage. 

So we started Beksan Design in 2011 and named it after our Turkish grandfather whose surname was Beksan. 

Our jewelry collections are not only beautifully hand-crafted from a variety of gemstones and eco-friendly metals, but are laden with stories of rich history, female empowerment and symbolism.  

And now you’re a part of the story. 

Welcome to Beksan VIP Club and Community. 

Keep your eye out for a future email with our Meaning of Gemstones Expanded Guide—complete with sample jewelry pieces and stone names. 

We’ll also keep you in the loop with Virtual Trunk Shows (new arrivals at reduced prices) and lifestyle & jewelry tips (and maybe a few stories about Anneanne, our Turkish grandma!). 


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