5 Jewelry Designs YOU’ll Love!

It can get boring wearing the same jewelry pieces all the time, but sometimes it’s hard to find new ones that work as well as what we’re used to.  We’ve came up with our own list of jewelry essentials that are trending now and can be worn with many different outfits!


The most timeless of all might be stud earrings. They go well with practically everything, are sophisticated and stylish. However, some styles may seem conservative. For fun, try a pair of our more contemporary studs! They can be geometric shaped or sparkling crystals for a look that pops.  


An asymmetrical bracelet can be an alternative to a classic cuff bracelet.  Beksan Designs’ gemstone hook & eye bracelets are a great example of this. Each with its own semi-precious stone, these stylish bracelets fit elegantly over the wrist and are versatile enough to be worn with many outfits. 


A statement ring with a matte or polished metal or crystal cut colorful gemstone is sure to be eye-catching.  At Beksan Designs, we have a wide variety to choose from, turquoise, jade, and quartz to name a few. A beautiful cocktail ring can be the focal point of your outfit or blend right in.  How beautiful to see a great ring on someone wearing a black sweater and jeans! 


A pair of medium size hoop earrings is a good staple, however this fall change it up with one of our hoops. Try lightweight large crystal hoops to make a statement or our crystal “huggies.” They’re available in clear, blue or black crystals and pair beautifully with solid colors or prints.  


It’s a classic that never goes out of style, a stunning stone pendant hanging from a beautifully designed chain or leather cord. Our pendants are a striking addition to a little black dress, a t-shirt or a solid colored sweater!  

We hope you have fun this fall experimenting with these jewelry styles!


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