Black Onyx, A Fall Treat for YOU!

During the fall months we want to look good for parties and the holidays! The deep rich color of black onyx set in 24k gold vermeil or silver is perfect for the season. Whether a statement pendant, bracelet, or stunning earrings, you will stand out from the crowd in black onyx! Did you know that wearing black onyx can also enhance your wellbeing? Here are some fun facts: Onyx is a type of microcrystalline quartz which has been prized throughout history. The highest quality onyx is found in the mines located in the central area of Turkey known as Cappadocia. Black onyx is cut to perfection within its natural state to better bring out its inherently rich and bold attributes. Turks believe that onyx stones have properties that help protect the wearer from harm. According to the Encyclopedia of Gemstones, “Onyx is associated with strength, and is considered to be a “grounding” stone. This gemstone eliminates negative thinking and is also believed to sharpen the wits of the wearer.” What a perfect gemstone to wear during the fall & holiday season! Although black onyx is regarded as protective, it is also known to help balance the mind and emotions. Since onyx is a strength-giving stone, it builds confidence and is useful for athletes or people under stress! Another great reason to wear this lovely stone during the hectic fall months. (adapted from Mr. Bead). As we all know black goes with everything and can add beauty and elegance to any outfit! Currently our black onyx jewelry can be found at our events or online at Whether a ring, bracelet, pair of earrings or necklace, the beauty of this stone can inspire you to feel good and look your best this season. Step out in black onyx jewelry at your next event and enjoy the experience! (adapted from:

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