Fall Colors and Beksan Gemstones!

“The Fall 2015 palette is rooted in multi-faceted, androgynous colors that can be worn to portray effortless sophistication across men’s and women’s fashion; it is the first time we are seeing a truly unisex color palette,” according to Lee Eiseman, Executive Director, Pantone Color Institute.   At Beksan Designs, what we’ve learned is that this season colors are evocative of a love for nature and a timeless appreciation for warmth and safety, which are conveyed through “naturally inspired colors that remind us of things that are real and protective.”   Here is a key to the popular color palates as identified by Pantone. For each, we’ve suggested coordinating gemstones or accessories:   Desert Sage, a cool and soothing greenish-gray, serves as the ideal neutral across the Fall 2015 color spectrum. Desert Sage speaks to the feeling of naturally inspired colors that remind us of things that are real and earthy! How about a pair of green aventurine earrings to go with this color?   Reminiscent of the sky on a gray, overcast day, Stormy Weather, a powerful blue-gray is dependable, cool and above all, constant. Implying quality and luxury, Stormy Weather is strong, protective and enduring. Consider a fluorite gemstone necklace?   Oak Buff is a mellow, comforting and warming golden-yellow shade that brings good feelings. One of nature’s many illustrious shades, Oak Buff acts to nurture and comfort. Combine Desert Sage, Stormy Weather and Oak Buff for a look inspired by the flora and fauna of Fall. A Beksan citrine ring anyone?   Dried Herb is a shade of olive green, elevated this season to be sophisticated and chic. Closely related to nature, Dried Herb is an organic shade redolent of nature’s earthy fragrances. Perhaps a pair of jade gemstone earrings or jade hook & eye bracelet?   Marsala is a winey red-brown that adds finesse and savoir faire to the palette. Rich and robust, Marsala incorporates the warmth and richness of a tastefully fulfilling meal, while its grounding red-brown roots point to a sophisticated, natural earthiness. Our Beksan Designs Marsala pashmina scarf is a perfect accessory!   Biscay Bay, a lush and elegant teal, combines the serene qualities of blue with the invigorating aspects of green. This cool and confident tone inspires thoughts of soothing tropical waters, transporting us to a place that is pleasant and inviting. How about an aquamarine pair of earrings?   Cadmium Orange evokes a sentiment of optimism, fun and fantasy. Both playful and sophisticated in its appeal, Cadmium Orange is a warm, welcoming and subtly dramatic orange hue that is striking enough to stand on its own or act as a bold contrast. Perhaps a cornelian ring or a crystal pair of earrings in this shade?   Luxurious Cashmere Rose is a tactile and soft pink hue that renders exactly what it promises. Cultivated in its richness, Cashmere Rose displays a gently persuasive and composed pink that is more upscale than downtown. Try weaving Cadmium Orange and Cashmere Rose with Desert Sage for a bold mix of bright, earthy inspiration. Our rose quartz earrings or necklaces are perfectly on trend!   Thoughtful and composed, Reflecting Pond is a cooling blue that adds dimension and intrigue to the Top 10. Conveying a message of credibility, Reflecting Pond is a serious shade that speaks to the need for stability and security. Lapis earrings anyone?   Amethyst Orchid is the jewel in the crown of the Fall 2015 palette. Intriguing, vibrant and somewhat sensual, this enigmatic shade is an extraordinary purple hue that is unique, bold, creative and exciting. Try our amethyst earrings and rings to show off this color! Adapted from and to see the colors go to: http://www.pantone.com/pages/fcr/?season=fall&year=2015&pid=11

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