Feeling Grateful!

What a great Pre-Holiday party we had in Santa Monica as well as the many other fun events in NoCal & SoCal this fall! It made us both (Meyla and Nevra) pause and reflect on how grateful we are to have you, our Beksan community in our lives. Be it family & friends, those of you who attend the events, the artisans we work with, and our retail partners—we wouldn’t be where we are today without you. We have worked hard this year to create new jewelry and accessory designs that are unique and fashionable. We want you to feel “special” every time you wear something from Beksan Designs. It is rewarding to watch our customers put on a pair of earrings, bracelet, necklace, ring or scarf and see their excitement as they transform their look. We are continually expanding our designs and look forward to bringing you new creations in the future. Our artisan partners are truly special and our relationships with them are flourishing. The process of creating new pieces is so enjoyable and with today’s technology, while they’re in Istanbul, if often feels like they’re in the room next door. Our Antika collection is all about semi-precious stones! Working with Mr. Tayyar and Mr. Koray to select the stones we love, and the different metals and styles leads to the unique designs we are proud to offer our customers. This year, our zinc collection of statement pieces has been very popular. We are so grateful to have access to this alloy that is both hyper-allergenic and never tarnishes! It is not commonly used in jewelry making in the U.S. so we are happy to share distinctive jewelry pieces that can be created with zinc. What has been truly rewarding is the number of repeat customers we have. Whether it is through the Bay Clubs or other Events, Bazaars, & Marketplaces we participate in the Bay Area, we have a “following.” It’s so exciting to have repeat customers come up to us and ask “where is the next event you will be at?” We are grateful to have happy customers wanting to see our new designs. So as we enter this busy holiday season for us, we are reflecting on the past year and appreciate all the good will flowing toward us. Thank you again for your support and we wish you a wonderful holiday season!

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