Four Gemstones for Abundance & Vitality


Did you know that wearing green gemstones can enhance your wellbeing? These green gemstones are especially powerful for promoting abundance and vitality in your life. 


Think of your opportunities and areas of focus for this year.  Which of these gemstones is the most aligned for you?


Green Aventurine

  • Key Words: vitality, growth
  • Emotion word: confidence.
  • When life feels like it is not working so well and you’re ready to turn your luck around, look no further then green aventurine. It is known as a stone for prosperity, success, abundance and good luck.  Wearing or carrying a piece of green aventurine in your pocket, wallet or even on your altar will flow good fortune to you!





Green Quartz

  • Key Words: abundance and creativity
  • Emotion word: empathy.
  • Green quartz is a stone that is excellent for stimulating creativity and intuition. It has the ability to transform negative into positive energies which can bring success, prosperity and attract abundance into the wearer’s life. 



  • Key Words: health, abundance
  • Emotion words: supports a person in opening to joy.
  • Green jade is a stone which assists people to heal their heart, the stone is so strong that people feel the stone as a way to gain balance and personal growth. This stone is known to assist in both physical and emotional wellbeing.  Jade is known to attract abundance and prosperity and with this strong stone you can feel less stress and anxiety.


  • Key Words: clarity of thought, harmony, and calmness
  • Emotion words: compassion, inspiration and self-expression.
  • There are blue and green shades of turquoise this gemstone helps to make a person confident in communication with others, aids in clairvoyance and brings love and calm to the wearer!



Consider a green aventurine or turquoise necklace, jade small stone earrings or a green quartz, jade and black pearl 3 stone ring…. which one of these can be the perfect treat for yourself or someone special in your life? 


At Beksan Designs, we specialize in finding the perfect gemstones for our jewelry and for YOU.  Imagine a pendant necklace designed to make you feel beautiful as well as bring abundance or calm into your life. 


Shop one of these beautiful gemstones NOW: 


Earrings - Antika - Single Stone Small Jade Stone



Ring - Antika - 3 Stone Jade, Quartz and Black Pearl


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Whether a ring, bracelet, earrings or necklace the beauty of gemstones and how they make you feel will inspire you to look good and feel better! We hope you enjoy the experience!


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