Gift Ideas for Friends and Family

 Shasta Nelson ~ "Friendships Just Don't Happen"

Buying the perfect gift for a good friend or family member is tough. You want to make them feel special and have something they’ll truly enjoy. The gift needs to be unique, personal, and meaningful. Jewelry and accessories make great gifts. Here are some gift ideas:

Gemstone Jewelry:  This could be a ring, bracelet, or necklace with a gemstone that has special meaning to the recipient.  Maybe it’s a birthstone or a type of gemstone and color they love set in their favorite metal, silver, gold, or rose gold!  This is sure to be a piece of jewelry they will treasure.

Scarves: A beautifully designed scarf is an accessory that makes a great gift!  It is good to know whether your friend or relative prefers cotton, silk, or pashmina scarves.  Then selecting a scarf design and colors that compliment their skin tone and the season will make them feel special.

Friendship bracelets: These used to be something young girls gave to their BEST FRIENDS but the concept has grown up and can work with any age friend! Think of you and your friend exchanging the same bracelets with crystals, pearls, or beads, which can be further personalized with a charm that contains your friend's name or initials.

Make a custom “Gift Basket” to show you care:

A themed Gift Basket is a fun way to make your friend or relative feel special.  The key is making it personal to them.  Some gift basket ideas are:

  • Beauty & Relaxation basket: Include a few of your friend's favorite lotions, make-up, or other beauty enhancing products they love. Add some items for the bath, perhaps bath salts or bath bombs along with a scented candle. Consider putting in a fun best-seller or a couple of magazines to read while relaxing. Tailor to what they enjoy and it’s sure to be a pleaser!
  • Travel Basket: Pick a destination your friend has wanted to go to and include relevant items such a guidebook, sample foods from the area, travel aids and perhaps an accessory to wear on the trip, like a Beksan Designs’ scarf or earrings! The basket can inspire them to make travel reservations.


  • An “all about you” basket: Take some of the things your friend likes and create a theme basket that represents his or her interests. If your pal enjoys tennis or golf, make a sports basket of items they could use.  If they are avid readers, include a signed copy of a book from a favorite author.  A gardening basket is perfect for someone with a green thumb!  This is a great opportunity for you to be creative and make them feel special!

Have a wonderful holiday season!



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