Elegant & Stylish Gift Ideas For YOU!

2023 has been a whirlwind, hasn’t it?! 

Yet, amidst all the change, one thing remains constant, there’s something truly special about giving and receiving a gift, especially on a meaningful occasion. 

Some of our fondest memories revolve around the gifts we’ve received from loved ones.  Two, stand out:

  1. At the age of six, I woke up to find a pink kitchen set- complete with faux cereal boxes, plastic eggs and shiny pots and pans- all adorned with a red bow. It was a Christmas morning I’ll never forget.

 2. Then came my thirteenth birthday, and with it, a bright yellow Schwinn bicycle and I adored it.  Fun fact:  I now own a Schwinn cruiser in Half Moon Bay. 


As Nevra & I get older jewelry has become one of our cherished gifts:

  • A sapphire modern evil eye pendent necklace in 14k gold.
  • My engagement ring, a custom design by my husband featuring our birthstones (opal and yellow topaz).
  • Countless pieces from my sister and best girlfriends, each a token of our enduring friendship.  They include earrings, bracelets, and necklaces. 


What about you, what gifts hold a special place in your heart?  Is it jewelry or something else that was memorable?

If you’re on the lookout for unique gifts and want to support a small business (thank you), you’re in for a treat. 

Every piece in our jewelry and accessory collections is hand-crafted from eco-friendly metals and premium gemstones.

Our aim? To make you feel beautiful and stylish while wearing our sustainable jewelry, inspired by our American-Turkish heritage.  

Jewelry and accessories are gifts that hold sentimental value.  Here are a few ideas your family and friends would adore: 

  1. Tree of Life Earrings: etched in sterling silver or silver dipped in 24k gold vermeil Tree of Life Earrings Gold  

2)    Crystal ½ Hoop Post Earrings (available in rose gold or gold vermeil, and sterling silver) Crystal Half Hoop Earrings Silver Large 

3)    Swarovski Crystal Inlay Stack Bracelets (set in gold, rose gold vermeil and sterling silver) Crystal Adjustable Bracelet Rose Gold Vermeil 

4)    Hammered Gold Bangle Bracelet (available in sterling silver too) Hammered Gold Bangle Bracelet 


5)     Sapphire Modern Evil Eye Necklace (available in 14k yellow or white gold) Evil Eye Sapphire Necklace - available in white or yellow 14k gold


6)     Zinc/Sterling Silver Rope Necklace Zinc/Silver Rope Necklace

With the holiday season fast approaching we’ve enjoyed meeting many of you at in-person shows.  It’s been an absolute pleasure!

For any questions or if you want to set up a virtual or in person shopping or style session, please email meyla@beksandesigns.com or call 415-516-4684 

We’re eagerly looking forward to hearing from you soon!


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