Jewelry Style Ideas: Traveling in Beautiful Japan

As you may know, Japan is currently a very popular travel destination.  We’ve never been, however, Japan was at the top of Nevra’s bucket list for Fall.  She and her husband went to Japan in September that included visits to Tokyo, Kyoto, Nara, Osaka, and Hakone.  They were so excited to visit this beautiful country because Steve (Nevra’s husband) had lived there briefly as a child.

They learned that most travel between cities is by bullet train which has limited luggage space.  Therefore, they planned to travel with carry-ons and pack smartly. Nevra brought a variety of Beksan Design’s jewelry to add style to her travel wardrobe.

Although they were technically traveling at the beginning of Fall, hot and humid weather was lingering longer than expected.  Nevra packed lightweight, loose-fitting outfits in neutral tones with light green, pink, and burgundy accent colors.  Nevra was able to fit in easily because the Japanese women were also wearing loose fitting clothes to beat the heat.  

Stylish athletic footwear is mostly worn during the day, even with dresses (which were mostly maxi length).  So much more comfortable for sight-seeing as well!

As many of you know, Nevra loves to wear her sapphire evil eye necklace both for style and protection! See her checking out the volcanic activity in Hakone.  They took a gondola to the top where they could see sulfur steaming from the dormant volcano, truly amazing!

After visiting each city’s sites, Buddhist temples, and Shinto shrines, Nevra & Steve went out for Japanese dinners.  A special dining experience they enjoyed in Tokyo is known as “omakase,” the phrase literally means “I leave it up to you.”  This is where the chef decides what they will prepare and serve you.  During this dinner, Nevra was offered eel, abalone, and sea urchin, in addition to more traditional yellowtail, salmon, and tuna sushi and this is when she discovered she loves eel, who knew?!

Several other stand-out meals included an 8-course crab dinner, cook your own shabu-shabu and a Wagyu steak dinner served with root vegetables in a lovely restaurant.  To dress up for this dinner occasion, Nevra wore a light pink pearl long necklace with our crystal ½ hoop earrings set in sterling silver.  

 Crystal Half Hoop Earrings Silver Medium


Japan is a beautiful country, very green with a variety of trees and forests.  The cities are very impressive and public transportation makes everything accessible.  Avanti Destinations,  provided wonderful tour guides who shared the sites and history of Japan to make everything come alive.

One special treat Nevra & Steve enjoyed in Kyoto was dressing up in Kimonos and learning how to prepare matcha for a tea ceremony.  This was truly a once in a lifetime experience and the tea was delicious too.  Matcha is a finely ground powder of specially grown & processed tea leaves.  The Japanese use matcha as an ingredient in other foods too, including cookies, candy, and ice cream. The good news is if you want to try matcha flavored tea or latte, you don’t have to travel to Japan.  Starbucks and other coffee and tea shops have it on their menus.

Wherever your travel plans take you this Fall, bring along some Beksan Designs’ jewelry which has been designed for worldly people just like YOU.   Check out our unique, handcrafted, stylish rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings online, at an upcoming event,, or make personal style appointment with  


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