Life Lesson: How Can We Simplify to Enjoy More?

Through reflecting on the first six months of this year and re-examination of ourselves and our business, we’ve identified some ideas to make life easier & better!  Tips we have learned and thought we could pass on to YOU!!! Let’s see what happens for all of us!

Ideas to Simplify & Bring More Joy in 2020:

  1. Keep it simple. It seems many of us make things more complex than needed. For example, we’ve noticed that at Beksan Designs we can sometimes overcomplicate the process of creating new ways of doing business, worrying about the small stuff, and participating in activities that really aren’t best for us. Prioritization will be the main part of “keeping it simple” so we have more time with friends and family & for ourselves. The experience of “shelter in place” made us realize how happy we have been with more time at home.  Offering high quality jewelry & accessories at virtual or safe in-person venues and providing you with tips and trends to bring more joy in your life are our top priorities this summer and fall.  So how can you “keep it simple?”  Think about a way you can simplify YOUR life either at work or at home. 


  1. Do work and activities we enjoy. Are you doing what you enjoy? Are you making time to focus on enhancing what is working in your work or home life? At Beksan Designs, we’re trying to do just that. We love creating new designs and this year we’re focusing on developing jewelry lines that have meaning to our customers. Learning more about technology to optimize our website and social media presence is also a part of the mix. We both love to learn and have really enjoyed offering you Live Virtual Events. Giving back is also rewarding. We have increased our donations through Beksan and Nevra is volunteering to share all she has learned in this journey we call life with others who may need support.  Exercise is a fun priority for both of us and we’re constantly trying new walks and hikes.  How about you…what is one new activity that you will try this year? 


  1. Maximize our investments. We’re now thinking wisely about how we invest our dollars and apply the advice of our Master Class to focus on what’s working in our business and reduces costs.  This includes being selective about what we invest in. It’s freeing and can enable us to try new activities we haven’t experienced in the past!!   How can YOU maximize your investments?  Think about how you can feel less burdened. 
  1. Keep good work/life balance. Generally, we have been good about taking time to relax and enjoy life! We want to keep this up – and block even more time on our calendars for friends and fun!  Our goal is a fulfilling work life combined with time to create incredible memories during this complex time in our lives!   Think about the boundaries you set and what you enjoy most to make those a priority!! (adapted from Dr. Rachna Jain at  


So, how about you? What changes can you make to simplify your life and bring more joy to each day?

We hope you find time to reflect on these ideas and have a healthy and happy Summer/Fall 2020!  Hope to see you at our first ever Facebook LIVE Summer Sale on 7.29 at 5:30pm.  And if you’re looking for gifts or a treat to self, please check out our jewelry & accessory collections at


With appreciation and a big heart, Nevra and Meyla


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