One-of-A-Kind Pieces Just for YOU!

Jewelry has been worn to pull together a look for years. Gemstones, statement pieces, and unique (think One-of-a-Kind) jewelry are “must have” accessories for Fall 2022. 

Do you want to walk into a room with jewelry like everyone else is wearing or stand out? To make a statement, Beksan Designs is here for YOU! We create one-of-a-kind jewelry that is totally on trend NOW. Get noticed in a unique cocktail ring, a cool pendant necklace, or a colorful gemstone bracelet! 

As described in Forbes, “Color is everywhere, particularly the rich, saturated tones and in order to compete for attention, jewelry should be big, bold and set with plenty of contrast.” It is time to find some statement pieces that add the “wow” factor to your outfit!

Here are three style trends where you can stand out:

  • Chokers & long necklaces, think layering
  • Dangle earrings that make a statement
  • A FUN cocktail ring

More on what every woman should have:

Necklaces, think chokers and layering ….try our beautiful silk and pearl necklace for layering or the pearl & rubber necklace (as a choker) Our popular statement necklaces are unique and special. Today, any style works, and the beauty of it is that these necklaces can easily transition from day to night!

Hoops & Cool dangle earrings are an item to invest in. These can be metal hoops or hammered earrings, embellished with color gemstones or crystals. Select the size of the hoop or dangle according to your personal style. Stand out in eye-catching Beksan Designs earrings

Everyone needs a great cocktail ring. This is the one piece that pops the most and will reflect your personal style and character. This season oversized cocktail rings are very popular. (I wear my large moonstone ring whenever I go out!) It should stand out from the rest of your outfit. Our large stone or 3 stone rings are the perfect solution for yourself or to give as a gift.

Join us at an event near you or click HERE to shop online and enjoy one of our beautiful one-of a kind pieces. Hope to see you soon!



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