So Much Fun at Our Events!

We have had such a great time at our events this season! We love seeing your sense of excitement when you find that “perfect” jewelry or accessory!  Don’t you enjoy putting on that special something and sensing the “magic” because you feel great in it?  Thank you to all who have come out and supported us these last few months.  We can’t tell you how much fun it has been to be a part of everyone’s holiday season!  Whether at the Bay Club locations, the Urbanair market events, the California Folk Art Museum, and home trunk shows, it has been a real treat to share Beksan Designs with wonderful women in the area! It has also been interesting to see which pieces you are drawn to!  This season crystals, silver and semi-precious stones reign!  Our small and medium size semi-precious stone earrings set in 24kt gold vermeil, hook and eye bracelets and silver necklaces have been very popular.  Many of you chose our latest style magnetic crystal bracelets enjoying the sparkle and to make a statement.  And crystal rings and necklaces were also part of your “wish lists.”  In fact, our new crystal line is very high in demand.  These sell out so quickly we haven’t had a chance to put them on our website yet. We are excited that so many of you are attracted to our zinc jewelry collection too!  These necklaces, bracelets, rings, and earrings are more contemporary and add a bold look to an outfit.  Many customers ask us, ‘what is zinc?’  Zinc is a shiny metal known for its bluish white color and it occurs naturally in the environment.  Use of zinc dates back to the time of the Romans.  What’s great about zinc is it is very malleable, hypoallergenic, and is reasonably priced, a wonderful alloy for jewelry making! On the accessory side, the luxurious feel of our Turkish pashmina scarves is hard to resist and perfect for winter.  Customers tell us they make great gifts!  We wish all of you the best in 2015 and stay tuned for more events in January and February.  They will be listed on our events page, !  Our LATEST designs are always at our events.  Hope to see you there….  And if you can’t make it to an event, Personal Shopping is available too, just contact in SF or in LA. to set up an appointment.   Happy January!!

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