Step into the Spotlight with One-of-A-Kind Jewelry

Tired of the same old jewelry routine? Struggling to find pieces that stand out as much as your favorites?  We have the solution for you!  Explore our one-of-a-kind jewelry designs and discover that unique piece that will redefine your style day or night.

Dazzling Gemstone Elegance 

Why not infuse some pizzazz into the New Year with our exquisite handmade gemstone earrings?  These one-of-a-kind creations not only add flair and color to any outfit but effortlessly transition from casual daywear, paired with a t-shirt and jean jacket, to a captivating accessory for a night out in a fashionable dress. 


Bold Statement on Your Wrist

Rose Quartz Hook & Eye Bracelet 

Opt for a departure from the traditional tennis bracelet (love tennis and the bracelet but not ALL the time) with our striking statement bracelets. Check out our signature hook & eye bracelets, each adorned with unique semi-precious stones, creating a distinctive look. You’ll stand out elegantly in these stylish bracelets that seamlessly blend sophistication and individuality. 

Captivating Cocktail Rings

Blue-Black Crystals Wreath Ring 

A statement ring with crystals or gemstones is sure to be eye-catching.  We offer a wide variety to choose from. Let a beautiful cocktail ring be the centerpiece of your outfit or unleash your creativity by stacking rings and adorning multiple fingers.  This is your chance to make a bold, personal statement!  

Timeless Pendant Perfection

 Amazonite ½ Moon Pendant with 14k Gold FillChain Necklace

Our one-of-a-kind gemstone pendants, available in various designs, add a touch of elegance to any outfit.  Whether it’s a little black dress, a casual t-shirt, or a solid-colored sweater, let a striking gemstone pendant with a uniquely designed chain or leather cord be your “go to” accessory.  

Regardless of the new jewelry designs you choose to embrace, our ultimate goal is to make you feel excited about what you’re wearing.  Your smile is our inspiration!  For personalized styling tips or assistance, feel free to reach out to  Step out and shine in 2024 with Beksan Designs ~ because you deserve to be uniquely beautiful!


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