Step out and Make a Statement

Statement pieces of jewelry allow women to step out of the ordinary and define themselves as unique and interesting people. Statement jewelry is nothing new, but many women avoid wearing bold accessories because they don’t feel comfortable leaving their comfort zone.  We have searched and found some tips for women so that all of us can find jewelry statement pieces that work for us! The History of Statement Jewelry For years, people have used clothing and accessories to portray who they are. Such items have often symbolized class and cultural identities. A great example: Jackie O's trademark black sunglasses. Beyond keeping the sun out of Jackie's eyes or protecting her skin, they symbolized who Jackie was and what she was all about. Think about other icons such as Madonna and Prince, their jewelry, make-up and outfits always make a statement!  Understanding Statement Jewelry Statement jewelry is bold and unique, and it conveys a statement about who the wearer is. Whether or not one is deliberate about style, people judge others based on their appearance. People assume many things about personality, values, and beliefs based on what a person is wearing.  And the right statement piece creates confidence and self-assurance! Consider these tips to select statement jewelry that’s right for you: 1. Size of Jewelry Statement jewelry is usually big. Chandelier earrings, cuff bracelets, and bulky pendants are common themes.  At Beksan Designs’ our statement jewelry comes in sterling silver, 24kt gold vermeil and zinc! While statement jewelry is intentionally large to draw attention to itself and the wearer, such jewelry does not have to be overbearing.  For example, our zinc necklaces are beautiful but not heavy or too large. Statement jewelry should be proportional to the size of the woman wearing them. 2. One at a Time …Don’t go Overboard When wearing a statement piece of jewelry, choose clothes and other accessories that are complementary.  If wearing statement earrings, wear a small or gentle ring. If the necklace is making a statement, choose simple earrings. Small studs may be perfect. Wear one statement piece at a time; too many big, bold pieces of jewelry will look overdone. 3. Vintage There are plenty of modern pieces of jewelry that can be used, but the world of vintage jewelry is a gold mine. Vintage jewelry, in and of itself, makes a statement. Whether a piece of jewelry is antique or just vintage-inspired, it adds sophistication.  Consider our black onyx and marcasite pendants, rings and earrings.  They have a vintage look to them but are fashionably modern at the same time. 4. Wear Gemstones Choose jewelry that utilizes the power of gemstones.  The color and meaning behind gemstones make a statement of their own.  Each gemstone is associated with special spiritual and physical properties which gives them meaning.  Through understanding the specific meanings behind different gems, individuals can choose statement jewelry that reflects what they’re looking for. For example, wear carnelian for courage. Try aquamarine for calmness and communication!  Beksan Designs works with a wide variety of precious and semi-precious gemstones.  Find the statement gemstone that’s right for you at Adapted from:

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