Tips for Organizing YOUR Jewelry!

When it comes to organization, the first step is getting to know what’s inside your jewelry box! This helps you learn what you currently have and identifies your style. You’ll also discover what you like about it, what you’d like to discard, and what new fashionable pieces will fill in the gaps to your collection.

For organizing tips we really liked the ideas in Woman’s Day at The author, Jess, places her everyday jewelry and scarves in cute bowls atop a small tray. To keep pieces from getting tangled, she hangs earrings around the edge of the bowl and places rings in the center. "This is a lot nicer than just tossing jewelry on the dresser, and much easier than digging through a box," she says.

Jess also uses her own beautiful bowls for the scarves she wears daily, which are both decorative and functional. The key is putting your jewelry and accessories in easily accessible places that will encourage you to wear them!  There are many methods to organize, it is important to pick what will work best for YOU!

The Container Store suggests the Elfa Storage systems for closets, kitchens, garages etc which include items for jewelry and accessories. Check out:, for more information and images of storage spaces. A good friend told me that organizing her closets with the Elfa storage has been life changing. Now she is buying new jewelry and accessories she needs because she knows what she has!! 

Purge and Merge Your Accessories:

A walk through your closet will help you get a sense of what accessories you have such as scarves, handbags, belts, etc. and the styles that you feel most comfortable wearing --

To assist in deciding which accessories to purge or merge, pull out each item and ask yourself:

  • Is it worn out, ripped or stained?
  • Is it more than three years old?
  • Is it out of style?
  • Does it fit?
  • Does it match anything else in your wardrobe?
  • Has it been hanging in your closet unworn for more than a season?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, put that item into a bag. When the bag is full, give it to charity and take the tax write-off, or sell it at a consignment store and make some extra cash that you can use to fill your wardrobe gaps.

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