What are You Reading? Fashion, Blogs, Philanthropy…

Hi ~ Back in September, we asked some of you a few questions to get to know you better (the days & weeks are blending for us how about you?). One interesting commonality amongst us all is our love of reading!  This includes books, magazines, newspapers and blogs!

Recently, we at Beksan Designs have been checking out some bloggers in the fashion and accessories world.  Interestingly, both of us found fashion bloggers with a French influence:

J’adore couture at https://www.thejadorecouture.com/.  We liked her fashion & style on her home page and her blog related to “How to help during CoVID 19”….here is a snippet from her blog: .

“I’ve compiled a few of things I’m doing to help but would love to hear yours in the comments”:

  1. Give money or time.if you can afford it, please give back to local charities. I’ve donated to the sf-marin food bank, but there’s also feeding americano kid hungrybaby2baby, and the cdc foundation. Support for national and local charities is crucial. Gracereferenced call 2 care, where you can volunteer to check in on the elderly. If you’re in an apartment building, check on elderly neighbors and offer to pick up groceries.
  2. Support small businesses and restaurants. Do what you can to order from local cafes and restaurants vs. big chains. if your refrigerator is already full, you can order gift cards from your favorite local spots to use later. 

    We felt so good that together, our Beksan community has donated to a number of causes during these difficult times, which include: The Epiphany Center, Feeding America, California Fire Fund and the American Red Cross.  Thank YOU for your purchases that enabled us to donate a portion of sales to such important causes. As a community, we can make a difference!

Another blogger you may enjoy is “Une femme d'un certain age” https://unefemme.net/.  This blogger talks with her audience as if you are with her and experiencing the same fashion issues she is. For example…: “Outfits for a casual lifestyle, Creating a versatile dress-up/dress-down travel-friendly wardrobe, Style ideas for women over 50, Polished, comfortable looks.”  She has fun, interesting style tips and good masking up ideas!


Do you follow any bloggers or do you blog yourself?  If so, let us know who you love to follow? Or if you are loving any magazines right now? We’re always looking for new, interesting bloggers & magazines for women especially in the areas of style, & fashion!  So let us know on Facebook, via e-mail or comment directly on one of our social media posts! 

Reminder, we are providing you with Virtual Trunk Shows monthly (next one is Wednesday, October 28th we’ll be hosting a FB Live event from 5:30-6:30pm PST) Click on the Events tab on our home page for event details, the more we sell, the more we’ll be able to donate to people in need and as a Beksan community we can give back!


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