What are YOUR Best Colors?

Have you ever thought about why the way some people look catches your eye? Could it be the colors they are wearing or the style of their clothes? Each of us has a unique group of colors that makes us look our best. Do you know what are YOUR best colors? We’ve put together some color selection tips for YOU to look your best:

• Take note of what colors you’re wearing when people compliment you. This can give you an idea of what looks best on you.

• Determine your skin’s undertone. There are only two undertones: Warm and Cool. Warm skin has a yellow or orange tint, while cool skin has a blue or pale pink one. You will want to stick mostly to colors that match your undertone.

• Learn which colors are warm or cool:
Warm: reds, oranges, yellows, yellow greens
Cool: true greens, blues, purples

• Certain colors, such as burgundy, have properties of both warm and cool tones. You can experiment with these shades individually to see if they work for you.

• Jewelry test: Under natural light, wear a silver bracelet on one wrist and a gold one on the other. Look at each hand and figure out which enhances your complexion better. If it’s gold, your undertones are warm. If silver looks better, your undertones are cool.

Keep your skin’s shade in mind when picking jewelry. If you have a cool undertone, sapphires, blue aventurine, jade, and amethyst gemstones would look best. For a warm undertone, consider rubies, red agate, citrine, or green aventurine. Our Antika collection has a wide variety of semi-precious stone jewelry to choose from.

Stick to one type of metal for accents and jewelry. Wearing two different colors of metal can clash or look busy, especially if you’re already wearing a few different colors. Silver and platinum are cool-toned metals, while gold and bronze are warm-toned.

Wear tops and scarves that pair well together. The neutral tone colors will make up the workhorses of your wardrobe, your pants, dresses, jackets, and shoes. Select tops and scarves in warm or cool colors that best complement your skin tone and bring out the color in your eyes!

Now take a few minutes to identify your skin tone. Then check out the wide array of jewelry & accessory colors we offer at www.beksandesigns.com and select gemstones, metals, or scarf colors that would look best on YOU! You can also stop by one of our events this month near you and try them on!


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