What Motivates You?

What’s great is motivation pushes us to achieve our goals, feel more fulfilled and improve our overall quality of life.  Self-motivation is, in its simplest form, the force that drives us to do things. When it’s time to take your life to a whole new level, it’s important to figure out what motivates you!  We did just that when we started Beksan Designs!  We are two sisters motivated to keep our heritage alive while bringing unique and beautiful jewelry and accessories to people in our birth country!  This was how Beksan Designs was born and why we love what we are doing today!! Fundamental to self-motivation: Understanding what motivates YOU to do the things you do. Your motivation may well change from hour-to-hour, day-to-day and through life.  As this happens your needs, wants and goals change and evolve.  It is important to assess what your dreams are on a regular basis. When thinking about what motivates you to perform a certain task, think about both intrinsic and extrinsic motivators– if you have trouble getting motivated to perform certain tasks it may be helpful to write them down and list the motivators for each. Obligation motivators can be very powerful.  Believing that we are supposed to do something can be very important for our motivation to complete a task!!! Obligation comes from our personal ethics and sense of responsibility/duty, what is right and what is wrong. You may feel obliged to go to a party or event because you were invited by somebody you know – there will be no obvious benefit to you attending but you may worry if you don’t go.  You are more likely to enjoy the party you feel obliged to attend if you go with a positive and open attitude – this way you have also added an intrinsic motivator, fun and enjoyment. Personal motivators can help us set goals that provide both long-term direction and short-term motivation.  Goals help us focus on where we want to go with our lives.  They can be a way of using our knowledge, and managing time and resources so that we are better able to focus on making the most of life. Life Goals Change With Time: Our circumstances and priorities change through life, and we realize that what we wanted at age 19 might not be the same thing we want age 45!  When thinking about your current lifetime goals, make them challenging and exciting, base them on your strengths which by now you probably know but if you need assistance to figure out check out Strength Finders 2.0 book. (http://www.amazon.com/StrengthsFinder-2-0-Tom-Rath/dp/159562015X) Remember to make your goals relevant to you, SMART, and ultimately achievable. Making Your Goals SMART: Start small and remember to make your goals and sub-goals fit the SMART criteria. Goals should be:
  • Specific – make each goal specific, so you know exactly what it is.
  • Measurable – make each goal measurable so you know how you are progressing.
  • Attainable – don’t set impossible goals, make sure each goal and sub-goal is attainable.
  • Relevant – make your goals relevant.  Ensure your sub-goals are relevant to your life goals.
  • Timed – set time-limits or deadlines for when to achieve each goal.
At Beksan Designs we are motivated by our goals to offer you original jewelry and accessory designs hand-crafted in Turkey. We believe the reason we have been able to move forward with Beksan Designs is because we have taken small steps to reach our goals! We hope our thoughts related to motivation and goal setting are helpful this week!  Let us know what you think!  Check out one of our events this month or shop our website at www.beksandesigns.com .

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