Why Wear Crystal Jewelry

Why Wear Crystal Jewelry

Natural crystals are a part of the Earth. They are here for you to sparkle and shine!

The fundamental meanings of colors have been present in the wisdom of all cultures and with the research of today’s experts of biology, biochemistry, and physics, we are able to sort some truth from fiction. In this blog, we’re focusing on the popular colors of black and white crystals. Let us know what you think!

White/Clear Crystals ~ White is considered the color of cleanliness, purity, unity, and innocence. 

White is the color we see when the moon reflects the sun’s light to us. White is the color of natural cycles. It is the color of beginnings and endings.  White is the color of peace with white doves, and white flags. It represents freedom and hope.

White has often been associated with the feminine gender, and as such, the color of the world of birth, and regeneration. Our Beksan Designs handcrafted jewelry includes white Swarovski crystals set in 24kt yellow or rose gold vermeil and .925 sterling silver. 


Black crystals are protective and offer you a retreat, the safety of being hidden from your enemies. Use these as protective amulets. 

Black is a protective color that gives you a sense of power. It makes you feel secure, daring, and strong.  Dark-colored crystals also deepen your connection to the physical, natural world.  

Black crystals such as hematite, agate, black tourmaline, and onyx, are power crystals that will enhance your inner strength. Our black onyx jewelry might be the best protection you can have.  Wear a beautiful pendant or a cute pair of black onyx earrings from Beksan Designs. 



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