Antika Stone Bracelet Collection

Each of the bracelets in the Antika stone bracelet collection are hand-crafted to reflect Turkish artisan jewelry of the past.  These bracelets are unique from a design sense in that they use old world techniques to create pieces that are stylish and fashionable today.  Each bracelet contains four different semi-precious stones that are set and then linked in 24 carat gold vermeil.  The black leather strap that bonds these links together is an added touch that makes these bracelets distinctive.  A wide variety of semi-precious stones are used including agate, lapis, adventurine, turquoise, and different colors of quartz. The stones and shapes used in each bracelet create many different combinations so that no two bracelets are exactly alike.  What's great is that everyone can find a color combination that fits their style and wardrobe. Whether you wear one of these Antika stone bracelets alone or combine it with a pair of earrings or necklace from Beksan Imports Antika jewelry collection, these colorful pieces will make you feel brighter and happier!

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