Turkish Silver and Black Onyx Collection

Crafted from the highest grade of sterling silver, each piece in the Turkish silver and black onyx collection is carefully chosen for its uniqueness. Whether it’s a puzzle ring, simple silver band or several stacked rings, a delicate chain-link necklace, bold bracelet or ornate pair of earrings, we offer a variety of exquisite silver pieces to complement your style, your wardrobe, even your mood. The solid silver cuff and bangle bracelets in this collection are especially distinctive.  Each one is an original design and is a fashion statement on its own.  Whether intricately woven silver or an embedded patterned design, these bracelets reflect the essence of Turkish artistry. The eye-catching contrast of black onyx and silver is a common motif found in traditional Turkish jewelry design. From rings and necklaces to bracelets and earrings, each piece in our Black Onyx and Silver Collection is hand selected for its authentic design features and exceptional quality. We also work directly with local Turkish artisans to create pieces we have personally designed. In addition to onyx and silver, a few pieces include embedded marquisette, which adds a lovely depth and character. Each exclusive design varies in size, shape and carat weight. This special collection includes pieces that are made of black onyx embedded in silver as well as solid silver pieces. Black onyx, and in particular when paired with silver, creates a stylish look that is both alluring and arresting. Wear it, and you’ll feel strong, bold and beautiful—just like the stone. Shiny silver worn by itself is uplifting—think of it as your daily dose of positive energy, and you’ll feel instantly brighter and more vibrant.
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