Black Onyx Marcasite Earrings

Its glittering beauty and vintage feel has made marcasite jewelry a favorite for generations.  Beksan Imports' Black Onyx Marcasite earrings and other marcasite jewelry are no exception.  The hand-crafted designs shimmer as they combine the past with the present. Marcasite is the name given the mineral iron sulfide, which is mined all over the world. However, most of the gem called marcasite used in jewelry is actually iron pyrite, since genuine marcasite often crumbles into dust and is thus too delicate to be used in jewelry. The extra sparkle it lends to jewelry continues to make marcasite a top choice today. Even when it is brand new, this type of jewelry often has an appealing antique appearance, and many buy it for its estate jewelry look. Turkish artisans, many years ago, discovered that black onyx, marcasite and sterling silver are a stunning combination.  Beksan Imports works with local Turkish manufacturers to design these unique black onyx and marcasite earrings.  Starting with a base of .925 silver, black onyx and marcasite are crafted together into distinctive shapes and designs that are strikingly beautiful. Their versatility makes these black onyx marcasite earrings ideal for any wardrobe.  They can be used to enhance an every-day look or to complete an outfit for a night on the town.  Consider combining a pair of these earrings with a silver and black onyx necklace or pendant from our Turkish silver and black onyx collection to create a stunning combination.
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