Black Onyx Pendants and Rings

These striking Black onyx pendants and rings are fashionable, eye-catching, and good-looking. Onyx, a type of microcrystalline quartz, has been prized throughout history. The highest quality onyx is found in the mines located in the central area of Turkey known as Cappadocia. The black onyx is cut to perfection within its natural state to better bring out its inherently rich and bold attributes.  We work with Turkish artisans to create designs that blend antiquity with the contemporary. Turks believe that onyx stones have properties that help protect the wearer from harm. According to the Encyclopedia of Gemstones, “Onyx is associated with strength, and is considered to be a “grounding” stone. This gemstone eliminates negative thinking and is also believed to sharpen the wits of the wearer.” Set in sterling, the intensity of the stone is enhanced, resulting in pieces that are as bold as they are beautiful. Black onyx, in particular when paired with silver, creates a stylish look that is both alluring and arresting. Wear it, and you’ll feel strong, bold and beautiful—just like the stone.  Incorporating marcasite into these designs adds a special flair.  As the pendant sits upon your chest or the ring on your finger, you can rest assured that wearing one of these pieces is a bold fashion statement which will make you feel good and admired by many.
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