Colorful Purses— A Summer 2013 Accessory Every Woman Wants

The right purse is a must have in every woman's wardrobe as well as being a fashion statement. This summer vibrant colors are everywhere! The original, stylish handbags we offer at Beksan Designs are colorful, fashionable and a creative alternative to the typical summer purse. Our smaller colorful Kilim cross body bag is great when you want to carry a few things. A customer recently told us it is the “perfect size for an Ipad mini.”   Do you know the story behind our "Kilim" bags?  The art of kilim weaving originated among the tribal people in ancient Turkey. The word kilim does not refer to a specific item, but rather to the way the item is made. It is a specialized weaving technique in which the weaver interlaces the warp (the vertical fibers) and weft (the horizontal fibers) on a loom to produce a flat woven fabric.  What is great about this specialized weaving process is no two kilim handbags are exactly alike! We checked out other cross body bags at  The ones that caught our eye were Tory Burch's Nylon Cross Body, which is light and comes in some cool neon colors as well as Kate Spade's New York Cobble Hill Brandice's cross body bag, classic-looking and roomy! Our kilim cross body bag fits the mark,  as these unique and colorful bags are what any woman would want this season! Our Fabric handbags are a whole other story.  The attention to detail and quality of the fabric makes these intricately designed Turkish fabric handbags extremely special.  How Turkish fabrics are woven, the choice of materials and use of colorful designs dates back to the time of the sultans!  At Beksan Designs, we replicate these designs in our messenger style fabric handbags, perfect for the woman who wants a larger, colorful purse to carry everything she needs! So when you are looking for a new purse to rotate into your 2013 collection, consider a colorful Kilim shoulder bag or one of our Fabric messenger bags.  It will be a fun change that is sure to elicit that question--"Where did you get that amazing bag?"

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