Colorful Scarves— A Summer Trend in Paris

Scarves are EVERYWHERE in Paris this summer! One doesn’t typically think of scarves for summer but they appear to be a fashion statement and a “must have” in a Parisian woman’s wardrobe. The demand for scarves seems high too. One morning, we saw a long line of women waiting for Hermes to open in Paris, with both windows showing beautiful silk scarves!! At Beksan Designs, our silk and cotton scarf collections offer creative and fashionable choices for this summer trend. Most notable was the variety of ways French women wear scarves to complement their outfits. They are worn to enhance their look, as a cover up for cool or rainy days, and also to add color. Some tie them around their neck in a traditional way, while others wear scarves as a wrap or draped around their body. During our stay, we took two bike tours which were wonderful, one in Versailles and one in the Hidden quarters of Paris! While riding bikes, we could easily check out the styles worn by the French women. It was surprising how many wore scarves and how well they wore them! I have to say bike tours are a great way to see many areas of a city and get a pulse on styles and trends!! Our scarves at Beksan are a whole story of themselves. They are made from the finest textiles in Turkey. The attention to detail and quality of the fabric makes these intricately designed Turkish scarves very special. The choice of materials and use of colorful designs dates back to the time of the sultans! At Beksan Designs, we hand select our scarf styles to be perfect for customers looking both for quality and an easy way to enhance their look! So when you are looking for a new scarf to rotate into your 2014 collection, consider a cotton, silk or Pashmina scarf from Beksan Designs,! It will be a fun change that is sure to get that question--"Where did you get that amazing scarf?"

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