Red/Burgundy Gemstones—What’s their Meaning?

We know that burgundy and deep reds are trending colors this fall/winter and this includes gemstones! It’s the time of year when cranberries and pomegranates abound and women are attracted to burgundy and deep red gemstones as well. 

At our trunks shows, customers frequently ask us about the meaning behind these rich colored gemstones, whether red agate, carnelian, or garnets.  We did some research and this is what we have learned:

Agate A gemstone that is striped in its natural state and can be found in a variety of colors; here we are focusing on red agate.  At Beksan Designs we work with different shades of solid red agate.  In ancient times, agate was highly valued as a traveler’s amulet because it was believed to bring good fortune, health, wealth and long life.  Persian magicians used agate to increase vitality in athletes.  Some say that wearing agate can balance the body’s physical and mental states.


Carnelian:  This gemstone belongs to the quartz family and is usually found in a deep reddish color.  This stone has been said to help blood disorders and eliminate toxins from the body.  It has also been known to influence the reproductive organs and has long been used in symbols of fertility.  In addition, this stone is said to stimulate creativity, is a motivator, and would be a good stone for people starting new projects.  One can always benefit from the warm, joyful and energizing presence of this stone in jewelry, be it in a bracelet, ring or a necklace.

Garnet:  These gemstones have been traced to prehistoric times, garnets come in many colors but the most popular is a reddish brown color.  Garnets are found in jewelry made during ancient times including: Egyptian, Greek and Roman eras.  Garnets were worn by travelers because they were considered to be protective stones and helped eliminate nightmares and depression.  The Garnet Ring in our Gemstone Collection delivers these benefits in a unique, fashionable design—check it out! Gemstone information adapted from Mr. Bead,


Currently our red agate, cornelian and garnet jewelry can be found in stores, Trunk Shows and of course some are on line at  

Whether set in 24kt gold, gold vermeil, brass, or sterling silver, the beauty of these stones in our jewelry collection can inspire you to look good and feel better!  Enjoy the experience!



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