Easy Tips for Safely Packing Jewelry

You're heading out on a trip, or even better, vacation—and you're not leaving without your jewelry and accessories!  Jewelry is light weight, compact, and an easy way to change a look while traveling.  But how do you best organize your rings, bracelets, necklaces, and earrings while keeping them safe? You need a plan. One that keeps all your jewelry and accessories together without them getting tangled or rubbing up against something that could cause damage. Here are some tips that make traveling with jewelry safe and easy:
  • Zip lock plastic bags for separating jewelry: Get a pack of small, clear, zip-close bags. Then separate similar items (e.g. rings, bracelets, necklaces, etc.) in a different small bag which you can then drop into a larger bag to keep it all together.
  • Index cards for earrings: Use a safety pin to poke rows of holes in an index card, and stick your earrings through the hole, so you can see them separately and they don’t damage each other. Drop the earring index card into a zip-lock bag to protect them and so you can find them easily.
  • Drinking straws for necklaces: Slip chain necklaces through drinking straws and clasp the ends closed to prevent the chains from tangling up. You can cut the straws to size, if needed.
  • Seven-day pill cases for easy access: Store individual pieces of jewelry in each pill compartment; this keeps them from rubbing against each other, and makes daily outfit planning easy.
  • Roll up travel jewelry cases/bags: These are made specifically for packing jewelry; usually made of canvas, with multiple clear plastic zipper compartments perfect for stashing individual pieces of jewelry. They lay flat when open and roll up small when closed.
The trick to all this is to plan ahead; decide what jewelry you'll be wearing with what outfits ahead of time and don't pack more than you need.  Remember that colorful accessories always add pizazz to an outfit.  And using one of these convenient ways to pack your jewelry will make getting ready for your day or evening so much easier!  Bon Voyage!

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