Artisan At A Glance: Our Antika Collection

We are so fortunate to work with Mr. Tayyar and his assistant, who diligently execute our designs of semi-precious stones in various settings and metals!  Getting to know our artisans will shed some light on the magic behind Beksan Designs’ hand-crafted jewelry. We are proud to introduce you to Mr. Tayyar, a collaborative artisan who helps achieve the designs in our Antika and Brass collections.  Tayyar was born in 1964, in Istanbul, Turkey into a family of jewelers.  His father had worked in the diamond business, and as a young boy, Tayyar often spent time helping his father in his shop.  In school, Tayyar originally studied to be an architect and contractor yet at the same time, he continued to work with his father.  After a few years working as an architect, he decided to get back into crafting jewelry.  However, he did not want to work with diamonds, his passion was and still is working with semi-precious stones and metals. Tayyar is a tireless and meticulous worker, taking great pride in his work. He is married with two children, 12 and 14 years old.  Tayyar has a shop in the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul where he makes jewelry with his apprentice.  He works with companies like Beksan Designs to handcraft our designs and well as creating some of his own pieces. We have become work partners and friends with Mr. Tayyar.  Turks are very hospitable, kind people and Mr. Tayyar is a wonderful man to work with!  He treats everyone with respect and LOVES to work with jewelry and metals.  He most commonly works with 24k gold vermeil, brass and silver.  He especially likes the color, softness and malleability of 24K gold vermeil.  We’re excited by his 24K vermeil work, as it is something not typically found in the U.S. This Antika line is one of our best sellers and we have Mr. Tayyar to thank for that.  Check out our beautiful single and double stone Antika earrings as well as the semi-precious stone bracelets and necklaces in our Antika and Brass Collections at  We have a variety of pieces and create new designs throughout the year.  We work hard to get these handcrafted, unique pieces to you!   But not all of them are online.  If you can come to one of our fall events beginning in August, you will experience first-hand the beautiful new designs from our collaboration with Mr. Tayyar!

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