Happy Father’s Day Week!

It’s time to celebrate the special fathers in your life, be it your own Dad or the father of your children, nieces, nephews, or friends. It has been six years since our father passed away but his memory lives on and we continue to celebrate him as our father.  Our father had a strong work ethic and we are applying his teachings through Beksan Designs.  He always advised to pick an industry you love, design creative products that people will want, and market the heck out of them.  Meyla is as passionate about jewelry & accessory designs as our father was about his industry and I love the business side and communicating in Turkish with our artisan partners.  We learned a lot from our dad and want to celebrate him for Father's Day! Grandfathers are also inspirational and as many of you know we honored him by naming our company with his surname!  Although we are in the jewelry and accessories business we have learned a great deal from the men in our family.  The process of designing jewelry and creating pieces that will inspire you is so rewarding.  Whether it is semi-precious stones in 24K gold vermeil, black onyx in sterling silver embedded with marcasite, mother of pearl, or gorgeous sapphires, we work hard to provide you with jewelry and accessories that are truly special.  We also enjoy working with our artisans to hand-select delightfully unique Turkish accessories, be it a special scarf, purse, or other Turkish treasure, like our glass key chains.  They make great Father’s Day gifts too! Meyla will be going to Istanbul later in July to design some new jewelry and we’ll share with you the most up-to-date styles!   That way we’ll have plenty of new creations for the Fall and holiday season at our events, for our retail store partners, and online.  We appreciate all tips to spread Beksan Designs into our different communities!  Please visit our online store, www.beksandesigns.com and “like” us on Facebook if you haven’t already done so!

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