Happy New Year 2013!

We at Beksan Designs want to wish you a fabulous year ahead with happiness, success and most of all good health!  That is why our PROMOTION of the MONTH is 40% Off Birthstone Rings!  In Turkey, it is believed that wearing a birthstone during its assigned month enhances the healing powers of the stone, thereby promoting good health. While each stone is thought to provide a unique benefit, wearing any birthstone is commonly associated with positive feelings and wellbeing, depending on its protective properties.  Below are the respective characteristics of each birthstone:
January Garnet Aids   blood, heart and lungs. Protects against nightmares and offers guidance   through the dark
February Amethyst Associated   with tranquility, protection, and peace
March Aquamarine Linked   to making new friends, affection, love, and hope
April Diamond-cut      White Sapphire Associated   with love, eternity, and strength
May Emerald Promotes   health and the curing of ailments
June Pearl Linked   to chastity and modesty, as well as happy marriages
July Ruby Linked   to protection and harmony
August Peridot Protection   against evil and night terrors
September Blue   Sapphire Linked   to faith, purity, and foresight
October Opal Connected   to hope, innocence, and healing forces
November Yellow   Topaz Linked   to healing, life, and strength
December Blue   Topaz Promotes   fortune, luck, and happiness
  Besides offering these health benefits, these birthstone rings are absolutely gorgeous.   Exclusively manufactured in Turkey with 24k gold and silver, these rings are artfully combined with an authentic birthstone gem, flanked on either side by a small diamond. In addition, they are adjustable and fit ring sizes from 6 to 8. Being January, here is a photo of the January ring, featuring a garnet birthstone. We have slashed the prices of these birthstone rings by 40% to give you the opportunity to buy the birthstone ring that is right for you!  We wish you the best of health and well-being in 2013!

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