What Makes Our Scarves Special

It is very exciting to watch customers discover how special our scarves are.  At a recent trunk show,  we watched a customer envelope herself in the velvety softness of one of our pashmina's  and heard her exclaim, "Wow, I've never felt anything so scrumptious before." She was so delighted, she bought two, one for herself and another as a gift for her mother-in-law! The rich, vibrant colors and distinctive patterns in Beksan Design's scarves embody the essence of Turkish style. Turkish fabrics are some of the finest in the world; the cotton is wonderfully sleek, possessing a natural softness that cannot be matched by other cottons. The silk scarves are made with the highest quality natural silk and created with the utmost attention to detail and the Turkish pashmina is woven from the finest cashmere. Buttery to the touch, it is lightweight, yet warm. We hand select each scarf, paying particular attention to quality of workmanship and artistic details and designs. With winter upon us, our pashminas are very popular.  In addition to using it as a scarf, many of our customers choose to wear them as a wrap.  The rich vibrant colors and distinctive patterns of each pashmina is a perfect complement to holiday season attire.  At another trunk show, two friends each bought a pashmina and used them as wraps that very evening!  It was so great to see them walk out the door wearing the beautiful pashminas they selected. Our lighter weight cotton scarves are perfect all year round and are popular with both men and women.  The brown/beige and black striped scarves are neutral and versatile for either gender. The red or teal striped scarves add a burst of color that we all enjoy.  The red striped cotton scarf has been a special favorite during this holiday season. Whether for yourself or as a gift, a Beksan Design's scarf is truly special and we plan to offer a wider selection in 2013!  Happy New Year!!

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