Jewelry Trends: Shapes and Styles for 2014

As we create new jewelry designs, it is important to learn about the shapes and styles of jewelry that are trending in 2014.  This way, we are able to design new pieces that will appeal to a wide range of customers.  Let us know what you think of these new trends: 
  • Chevrons and pyramids. These shapes are both timeless and trendy. Chevrons, in design, are also referred to as the “zig-zag” effect     and together with the triangular pyramid point create stunning jewelry pieces. This design attracts a younger audience and would make a great gift for them. Our zinc collection incorporates the pyramid design look in some of the bracelets.
  • Stickpins. Wearing slim jewels like stickpins  on one’s jacket lapel is making a comeback. These are—as the name suggests—slender, making them affordable and easy to place in other spots as well, such as in the hair, on a hat, shirt, or even a skirt.  Updating this style with modern gemstones  or metal colors such as gold vermeil or brass creates a 2014 stickpin look!
  • Body jewelry. It may be for the young at heart but body jewelry is also in the news. This would include: belly rings, body chains, and ear cuffs.  This gives one the opportunity to wear a beautiful gemstone in a less traditional location.  We will be seeing more halter tops and  backless tops therefore more body jewelry and accessories!
  • Minimalist jewels and geometric shapes. Think stud earrings and other sleek, uncomplicated styles that will subtly enhance fashions’ angular, graphic and floral dresses.  We love geometric shapes, and have incorporated them widely in our Antika Collection, where you will find semi-precious stones in square, diamond, or circular shapes.  We also mix shapes in our double stone earrings.  Featured in our Silver Collection are sterling silver hoops, silver dangle earrings and chains in  geometric patterns.
  • Bracelets.  A bare wrist in the Spring and Summer demands coverage which is why bracelets continue to reign as a fashion statement.  Our customers like our diverse styles of bracelets this year, be it sterling silver, semi-precious stones set in 24kt gold vermeil or brass, or our new leather and zinc bracelets.  The “go to” bracelets are bangles, cuffs, stacking styles, or wide models that slip on comfortably or have easy open & closing clasps.
  • Watches. Spring fashion celebrates a pared-down look but what best completes a stylish look ….a watch of course! Bolder watches are still trending so it may be time for you to get  a new watch from the many available choices.
  • Stud earrings. This is part of the minimalist look that is also angular and complements any outfit.  We have stud earrings that are chandelier shaped and we will be getting additional styles for Spring 2014.
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