Love Starting a Business With My Sister

Working with my sister has been an amazing experience. I would never have thought we would start a business together but now that we have done it, I couldn’t imagine having done it with anyone else!  We grew up together traveling to Istanbul and my sis was a real support for me while we were running through airports and visiting different European cities on our way to Istanbul.  We had a wonderful gift given to us at a young age which we may not have realized back than but we realize now!

 My first love of Turkish jewelry started while visiting Topkapi Palace.  If you have ever been there you may remember the BEAUTIFUL diamonds and emeralds displayed from the Ottoman days, gorgeous rings, necklaces and stones!  I loved the jewelry but I REALLY loved seeing the gems inlayed in knives and other armory to create a beauty one couldn’t believe existed until you see it in real life!  Art at its finest but also one realizes how jewelry and gems can make any object come alive to be special and unique.  Both my sister and I loved the artistry we saw in Istanbul and this has inspired the designs we have created for Beksan Imports, particularly the inlay jewelry in the Antika Collection. Doing this with my sister makes it even more special. Our shared history and love of Turkey is something we both want you to experience.  We have different talents and fortunately bringing these talents together has been an asset for us.  Our dream is coming alive and we want to include you on our journey.  Have you been to Istanbul??  Did you see the jewels at Topkapi Palace?  What did you think?  Hope you enjoy our jewelry, scarves, and other Turkish treasures at Beksan Imports!

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