Online Shopping Starts September 2012

Wow, we are so thrilled to see how much everyone likes our Turkish jewelry, scarves and other Turkish treasures!  What is so great is that we are able to share our heritage and love of Turkish merchandise with everyone.  Our dream has been to have our two worlds come together and that is now really starting to happen.  Many of you have wanted to shop online and are asking when can I go on your website and also share with my family and friends?  Well, the answer is August. Why wait until August you may ask?  Because it’s a great way to launch our Fall collection!  And if you have ever been involved in e-commerce, you know that it takes time to set up a great store.  We want this to be a special shopping experience for all. It is now time to design and shop for new products for the fall season.  This is the most exciting part of our business, twice a year going to Istanbul, and our next trip is just around the corner.  Turkish airlines has an amazing non-stop flight from Los Angeles to Istanbul, 13 hours later we will be touching down and making our way to the Sultan Ahmet district, where the Grand Bazaar is located.  The boutique hotels we stay near the Bazaar are truly special.  Hopefully the weather will be nice and we will have a beautiful view of the Golden Horn from the hotel’s rooftop.  The time of day will be early evening, just in time for the first Turkish dinner of the trip! Our initial meetings with manufacturers will be the following day.  Our “office” is the Grand Bazaar and areas surrounding it. The meetings start with a cup of black or apple chi/tea (Meyla’s favorite).  We have come up with some new designs that we’re eager to see turn into reality!  Our Antika collection of Turkish artisan jewelry has been very popular so we will be working hard to bring you more of what you really like-- the semi-precious stone earrings set in 24K vermeil or brass, possibly some mixed metals, and similarly designed necklaces and bracelets.  We will be designing new settings in combinations of colors that are perfect for Fall and shapes everyone can enjoy! Expanding our various collections to offer more choices for our customers is a priority for Beksan Imports.  We love to see our customers “LOVE” a ring, necklace or scarf!  Many of you have bought gifts for your family and friends and we want to offer you that possibility year round with a variety of new  merchandise.  The textiles in Turkey are just beautiful.  Just this week, I met a friend for lunch who was wearing one of our kilim shoulder bags.  She told me it is just perfect for the season, colorful and holds everything she needs without weighing her down.  It is so rewarding to hear how our products are making you happy! In the coming season, our goal is to bring you a variety of unique pieces that are both alluring and inspiring.  We look forward to opening our online store in August and providing you with a fun shopping experience.

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