New Spring Beksan Designs from Istanbul

The tulips were in full bloom, the weather delightful, and the time spent with our artisans and friends fantastic!  The only thing missing was being in Istanbul with Meyla.  Shortly after I left Los Angeles to attend a wedding in Istanbul with my husband, there was a kitchen/electrical fire in our mother’s home.  Gratefully, our mother is okay but there is damage to the house and my sister needed to go to Los Angeles to help out with the insurance company and logistical issues.  Designs and photos had been sent prior to my departure and although it wasn’t the same without her, we worked with our Turkish artisans via today’s technology and many phone calls to bring our new designs to life!  So in a different way, she was with me. I stayed at the Niles Hotel in the old part of Istanbul near the Grand Bazaar.  A typical day started with a lovely buffet breakfast on the hotel’s roof terrace.  Except for the first day, the weather was clear so I was able to enjoy the panoramic sea view.  After breakfast, I would make the rounds visiting our artisan colleagues. A month ago, Meyla and I had sent sketches for new jewelry designs.  The result—exciting new earrings, bracelets, rings, and necklaces, using a variety of semi-precious and precious colorful stones and metals.  The new settings for our 24kt gold vermeil Antika collection are really beautiful!  Our new silver pieces also boast many different types of stones, including, but not limited to, black onyx, mother-of-pearl, and turquoise.  Because the zinc collection has been so well received, we have expanded our product offerings in this fun area as well.   And the new scarves we added to our scarf collection are as soft as they are beautiful! Creating one-of-a kind pieces across price points is what we enjoy doing most. Wait until you see them!  You can check them out at our upcoming Spring and Summer events, at our retail partners, (add link), and soon some of the new items will be on our website.  We also offer Personal Shopping of our new designs at our in-home boutique where you can comfortably pick out that perfect something or gift at trunk show prices!  In LA, contact or in SF Bay Area, for this exclusive experience!. Although the days in Istanbul were work-filled, the evenings afforded time to indulge in delicious Turkish cuisine and spend time with friends.  I don’t know what I enjoyed most, the eggplant kebab, the barbecued lamb chops, or the special Turkish guvech stew that was such an amazing combination of flavors!  I also loved the variety of Turkish meze appetizers and the delicious light desserts. I realized I had never been in Istanbul in Spring, and it is truly beautiful!  Tulips, Turkey’s national flower, were in bloom EVERYWHERE reminding me of this season of re-birth.  And with this trip, Beksan Designs is “springing” into our next season with many new hand-crafted offerings to share with you.  Looking forward to showing them to you soon!

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